by Marianna Franck


TABOO DESIGNS, established in 1987, is the creation and brainchild of Fashion Designer Marianna Franck. Qualified as a Fashion Designer, Pattern Drafter and Size Grader, she has substantial in-house, hands-on experience in design studios and manufacturing plants around South Africa.

Between lecturing 1st year design students in the basics of Design and Pattern Drafting at the Cape Town School of Fashion Design for 3 years and owning and running a production plant for a further 4 years, Marianna has accumulated over 21 years experience in various aspects of the fashion industry, building a passion and love for her art which still thrives today.

Services offered:

  • Manual/design storyboards on client brief

  • Master Pattern Drafting and size grading to client specifications - as per sketches, photographs or samples

  • Manufacturing Services on client request - depending on styling of garments required

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